Thursday, August 6, 2009

Optimism Comes With a Little R&R

Last night, after work, me and Megan(awesome friend extrodanare and future roomate) were sitting in my car enjoying a little smoke down. We got to talking about last summer when I spained my ankle. Its a really funny story. I had gone to a wedding with a few of my work friends and we proceeded to get ten shades of drunk. Then we went back to someones apartment and decided it would be a blast to go skinny dipping in the public apartment pool. It did prove to be pretty fun. But anyway we got caught and we all had to jump over the fence and skatter. Well I jumped over the fence and horribly sprained my ankle. I then limped back to my friends house proclaiming I had broke my foot (drunk paranoia!).It was fun times.

But anyway after me and Meg finished the joint I headed home.On my long drive home(my mom lives out in the country) I began to think. First of all I began to wonder why my life used to be so exciting and now it is so boring. In my past I have painted the town red a few(hundred)times. And now all I do is work and sit around with my mom and watch CSI. But then I began to think about something else. Everyone is going to have downtime in their life. I've had really fun and exciting times, Ive had really stressful and uncomfortable times, and now I think I am in a stage in my life were rest and relaxation are key. There arent too many times like this in life. I will start grad school soon and that will quickly end all of this downtime. So instead of whining about how crappy my life is, I need to enjoy this. No one wants anything from me, I dont have the stress of a relationship, I dont have the stress of rent, and I dont have the stress of school.

So, in honor of this revelation I've decided to do exactly that. I havent had a day off work since last Tuesday(I've been really trying to pile a savings) and I was going to go in and pick up a shift tonight as well. But fuck that. I'm going to the liquor store to grab a bottle of rum, then Im gonna roll a fatty and then I'm gonna lay outside to bake like a lamb in the oven! Things are looking up today!

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