Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The Heat Is On

Okay so I know it is a been a long while, but nobody reads this crap anyway!

I am writing now because lately I have been on the hunt for my Post-Grad "happy ending" (fuck you Alexis Bledel). By this I mean I WANT A NEW FUCKING JOB! I graduated six months ago. Ive already spent five long years in college, and I should at least get rewarded by getting a new job right? No. Instead I have college loans out the butt and the same shitty waitress job. What was all of this hard work for? Just to prove I'm not as stupid as everyone else? Or perhaps to prove that I am more stupid then all the bums that didn't go to college. We are on the same level of employment...yet I wasted five years.
So in my haste, I have been applying to anything and everything. Jobs I'm not even qualified for. But I am hoping to have one of those movie star endings. You know, like a bad 80's movie with Michael J. Fox, you get the job on false pretenses but you have a quick montage and suddenly you're running the place. Too far-fetched? Oh well I'll keep the dream alive.
But on a happier note, Mr. Perfect has been dethroned and forgotten. Even though it has been months after the fact he was still calling me on a fairly regular basis (I'm sooo weak). But a couple of weeks ago he had the audacity to bring up his newly budding relationships...and after I regained my breath....I hung up on him....and hung up on our "friendship". (To all you readers out there who don't know me, or know what happened I still refuse to divulge all the details, but for the stake of this story I will say, he broke up with me and said he just didn't want to be in a relationship. Yet here we are, five months later, and he is cozying up to some white trash skank. Okay so I don't really know what shes like, but I prefer to assume.)
But anyway, the point is finally over. I have finally reached my limit of self abuse. I can talk to him no longer.
And not to mention...I myself have a new budding relationship. And in light of the death of Mr. Perfect....I would like to introduce Mr. Sweetheart. Mr. Sweetheart is someone that I met at work, and I must say he lives up to his nickname quite swimmingly. He seems very enamoured with me (the jury is still out on whether that is a good thing or a bad thing. Too soon?) and it feels nice to be doted upon, but at the same time I am still quite stung after Mr.(Not)Perfect. But anyway, the only problem with Mr. Sweetheart is the way our tryst began. See...he was kind of involved with someone...for two years. I know, I know, I am a harpy woman. I just cant seem to steer clear of these involved people. But in Mr. Sweetheart's case, he know longer desired to be in this relationship, and our "thing" gave him a clear out. And within days after we slept together he dumped his significant other. Which, if one kind find anything noble in this situation, is pretty decent. Most men would have just continued on, trying to see how long he could juggle the two of us. Oh well I have a knack for fucking up other peoples relationships. It was bound to happen again I guess.
Well right now my focus is on my job status, and my heart status. I don't want to fuck things up with Mr. Sweetheart, but more importantly I don't want to fuck things up with myself. I need to figure out where this relationship is going as well as where my life is going. So in the true spirit of an 80's movie I will leave you with the theme song. "The heat is on..."